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Anonymous asked:

I just read your response to the autisgender post and I don't think I've seen anyone debunk and thoroughly destroy someone's argument in the way that you did.

I didn’t want to reply to this until I could think this through and say something I thought through.

But the end result was just really “Thank you”. It means a lot, thank you! I’m sorry I didn’t answer sooner, but I wanted to think of more to say, but I feel that would take from the point. So thank you! 









it’s happened, everyone. we’ve come to the point where ableism is now a gender.


hey, i haven’t done research into this yet so i may be wrong, but i think it’s pretty likely that someone with autism chose to use these terms; they felt they defined them and they made them comfortable!!! there is no need to shame someone’s gender and orientation because you think they aren’t “real” enough or something - gender and orientation are personal and as long as they aren’t appropriative or hurting anyone, there is nothing wrong with that :/ someone felt these terms would help define them and that should be respected!!! i am not autistic so i haven’t any right to say whether these are okay terms or not, but i am quite sure that they are fine and if anyone wants to correct me on that then please do so!!!!

1. i’m autistic. several other people who reblogged this agreeing with me are autistic. this don’t make a lick of sense to me.

2. these genders are hurting people: actual trans and nonbinary people. there are people who see this bullshit ~*~gender is a choice~*~ stuff and get suspicious of these trans and nonbinary people asking for surgery, hormones, therapy, etc.

i apologise, i did not realise you were autistic yourself! i spoke to a few autistic people i know to make sure i hadn’t written anything bad, and they thought those terms were perfectly fine! i suppose lots of people view it differently, but i am pretty sure since the terms were coined by autistic people they aren’t ableist! i’m sorry if you felt upset by it, i am sure it wasn’t their intention :(

i’m a bit confused why you say “actual” trans and non binary people?? it isn’t nice to judge the legitimacy of someone’s gender!! i am sure these people coined these terms because they felt the need to use them, that is real enough! also for a lot of people gender is a choice - it’s a part of one’s identity and if people feel as though they would rather be a different gender than they were before, isn’t it their right to change it? the last thing you said is definitely an issue, those things should be accessible to anyone who needs them!

i apologise for the lengthy reply, i just want to make sure i understand properly and that i’m not getting anything wrong!

as an addition, I personally know the coiner of both of these terms and they are, in fact, autistic as well as trans sooooooooooooooo.

p.s. stop blaming trans people for the transphobia of cis people thanks

Y’know. People with gender identity disorder? Whose brain sex doesn’t match their biological sex, and therefore have dysphoria? Those people are actually trans and nonbinary, and they’re the ones who need the support. And why would autistic people feel the need to use them? I’ll bet money 90% of the people using ‘em “found out” they were autistic on, and I’ll bet money you and falloutmagiboy are under the age of 18 and are trying to figure out your identity. I’m all for finding your true self, but don’t do it like this. Talk to a professional about it.


psssssst I’m 21. Also hey guess what my brain doesn’t have a sex. It’s a  brain, not a set of genitals.

I have a gender.

So how much money are you paying me?

If you are 21 then you really need to grow up (I don’t mean to be rude here, but this really isn’t an OK way to handle a serious issue). This behavior is not OK, especially at your age. You may, and I’m not being mean here, need therapeutic help. You may actually want to see a therapist.

"Guess what my brain doesn’t have a sex". False. This is entirely false. 

I’m going to try and explain this as politely as possible, and scientifically as possible. OK, your entire body has a sex, and especially your brain does. In fact your brain is the most important sexed part of your body. 

The fact that you don’t know this worries me because that means you don’t know how your body functions, and that’s really bad. That’s what gets people sent to the morgue at 30 bad. I’m not saying this to be rude I’m genuinely concerned.

Everything your body does, absolutely everything goes through the brain. Your body doesn’t do anything, get periods, get erections, get angry, get heated, feel emotion, without your brain. Everything the body does absolutely everything goes through the brain. 

Your brain also demands what hormones it needs. The reason genitals cause such a problem is because they are often what produces the most sexed hormones (and hormones effect more then sex, for the record. Some overlap). And while some hormones are produced by both sexes, certain sexes use them for different things (this can cause the brain to be upset because said thing doesn’t exist and it freaks out) or have more of them (the brain gets upset because it’s not producing as much as it thinks it needs or is programmed to) A LOT more.

Also, the female and male brain are just built differently.

  • Men have bigger but slower brains
  • Women have smaller brains but quicker brains
  • Women (and the way the female brain and body function) have a better grasp of color differences
  • Men (and the way the male brain and body function) have more difficulty differentiating color (men are also more likely to be colorblind because of their hormones/chromosomes).

If a penis, a vagina, or breasts do anything it’s because a brain is telling it to. Even the stuff you see as “default”. The brain is subconsciously managing it, and your brain is sexed to better handle the way each sex’s body works. (Otherwise there’d be no physical differences at all and penises and vaginas would be on both.)

So to back up, the genitals produce the most sexed hormone but also demand the most sexed hormones. 

The vagina/uterus produces the most of the sexed female hormones (the one the female sexed body needs more and uses more. And has more uses for.).

"Females have small organs called ovaries in the lower part of their tummy (abdomen). The ovaries lie either side of the womb (uterus). The ovaries start to produce female hormones in girls around puberty which cause changes to the lining of the uterus."

"The female hormones (oestrogen and progesterone) have other effects which you may notice apart from causing periods. For example, the texture of the mucus in your vagina changes at different times of your cycle. Your vagina tends to be drier, and the mucus thicker, in the first half of your cycle. Shortly after ovulation, when progesterone levels rise, the vaginal mucus becomes thinner, more watery and slippery. It becomes thicker again towards your next period as the progesterone level falls.

Progesterone may also cause water retention in various parts of your body. Your breasts may become slightly bigger or tender, and your tummy (abdomen) may swell a little before a period. You may feel irritable before a period, which is usually hormone-related. To have such symptoms before a period is normal. Sometimes the symptoms prior to periods can be more severe. This is then called premenstrual syndrome or premenstrual tension. (This is dealt with in more detail in a separate leaflet called Premenstrual Syndrome).”

The penis/testicles produce the most of the sexed male hormones (the one the male sexed body needs more and uses more. And has more uses for.)

"The hypothalamus, located in the brain, tells the pituitary gland how much testosterone the body needs. The pituitary gland then sends the message to the testicles. Most testosterone is produced in the testicles, but small amounts come from the adrenal glands, which are located just above the kidneys."

"Before a boy is even born, testosterone is working to form male genitals. During puberty, testosterone is responsible for the development of male attributes like a deeper voice, beard, and body hair. It also promotes muscle mass and sex drive."

"About seven weeks after conception, testosterone begins helping form male genitals. At puberty, as testosterone production surges, the testicles and penis grow. The testicles produce a steady stream of testosterone and make a fresh supply of sperm every day."

As for the other things:

Men have more trouble with color:

Women have better sense of smell:

The female brain is smaller but faster:


So, yes, your brain is very sexed, and it knows this even if you don’t, because it has to know it to keep you functioning and alive. Even if you don’t know that. 

And now for this part:

The human body is actually born female in the womb. Hence why men have nipples.

"Whatever your sex, everyone starts off as a woman in the womb.

For the first several weeks a developing embryo follows a “female blueprint,” from reproductive organs to nipples. Only after about 60 days does the hormone testosterone kick in (for those of us with a Y chromosome), changing the genetic activity of cells in the genitals and brain. But by then those mammary papillae aren’t going anywhere.”

This is very likely where gender dysphoria comes from (hinted even further by the fact that there are more transwomen then transmen). During the stages the body is designed to change, something went wrong (the brain is very delicate and even the smallest change going wrong can change a lot of things). And now the brain is demanding hormones and functions it is not producing.

The human brain is like a computer, and if it doesn’t find something (the same way if a computer doesn’t find a file) it freaks out and tries to shut down. This causes really bad depression, panic attacks, and higher suicide rates. Similarly if a computer identifies a file as wrong it freaks out as well. This is basically how the brain looks at hormones (or too many of a hormone it doesn’t like) as well.

This is basically what gender/sex dysphoria is. It causes depression, panic attacks, anxiety, and extremely higher suicide rates. This is why it’s so bad. The body is literally rejecting itself.

"Trans" is short for "transitioning". It’s for those who need to transition (or at least experience something that in greater doses causes one to need to transition) for their health. (Interestingly, if one transitions without dysphoria they are known to hit and develop dysphoria. Because you can change the body, not the mind.)

The reason this is so bad is it’s regardless of gender roles there are plenty of people with gender/sex dysphoria who don’t fit the gender roles of the gender they want to be, and now they’re much less likely to get help. For something that causes depression, panic attacks, anxiety, and suicide. People who need medical help are being deprived it now because of this behavior, and their lives are at risk, as is their mental health and lively hood. That’s awful. 

And you just denied that or it even existing for your own agenda and benefit, can’t you see how awful that is? I genuinely beg of you to see how hurtful it is. How awful it is to deny the existence of something that causes depression, panic attacks, anxiety, and higher suicide rates for your own gain. It’s really not good.

Gender rolesare bad and they should be fought. But this attitude just enforces them.  Gender roles are a societal enforced average, and one I fight everyday, they cause severe issues, but they do not define gender or sex. By doing this you are only enforcing them. Gender roles also change over the ages. Once upon a time only men could wear make up and it was considered a masculine or male thing, same with upward ponytails, and short skirts. Stuff that now, if men wore they’d be criticized. Same with women. They change, they are societal standards. They don’t define anything, and they should be fought for all genders and people, not catered to and defined as. That hurts people as well.

Also, as an Autistic (and an abuse victim one at that (sometimes for my Autism)), “autisgender’ is an awful thing for us as well. We’re trying so hard to be taken seriously and show that we can function and we’re no different from everyone else, and this just takes a serious issue and pushes us back. It shows we’re not on the level of maturity to be spoken to as reasonable people to many people who unfortunately see us in broad sweeps instead of individuals still. (Which is unfortunately common.) It pushes back a serious issue so many of us have been working on. 

And also, I would highly recommend not discussing and debating an issue you haven’t done much research on, and don’t have facts to back you up on. It’s not a good idea, and it’s not a sign of maturity, and it’s a good way to not be taken seriously. These are serious issues and they need to be addressed logically and seriously. Also, it’s good to be educated, it effects your health, too.


Pokemon Cards that tell stories

I’m sorry, did you literally put a watermark over somebody else’s art

All you did was lazily crop the pictures together, something that takes 2 minutes in paint. 

You didn’t create the stories, nor did you create the art. That’s really disrespectful. 

There’s no reason you should deserve special credit for this. It’s just an ugly watermark over someone else’s art. 

(Source: spookyicedtea)

I’m getting really tired of both SJWs and anti-SJs.

I feel like it’s one extreme or the other now. 

It’s either pretend all issues towards men don’t exist or pretend all issues to women don’t exist. Like for some stupid reason both sides can’t have problems. 

And both sides act this way now, and pretend only the other side doesn’t.

It’s basically two sides throwing tantrums and fits and acting high and mighty and frankly I’m tired of it.

If you think one side has to be the only one with issues, or it’s one side or the other, or just because one side faces issues the other side doesn’t matter, grow up. Seriously. And each side says they care about both issues and then mocks the other for complaining. It’s tiresome and immature and it needs to stop. 

So someone thought I bought a slave today, that’s interesting. 

One of those days.

I swear, everytime I see a “bisexual” called a lesbian, I want to scream.

What pisses me off the most is when bisexuals are in a relationship with a girl, they’re often called “lesbians”. Or they’re called a “lesbian couple” it doesn’t work that way. They’re still bisexual, they just happen to be dating a woman. Stop this stuff, seriously, it’s erasing that A. Bisexuals exist B. Bisexuals can be and OFTEN ARE in serious relationships. And C. their sexuality doesn’t change based on who they’re dating. That’s what bisexuality IS.

I see this all the time and it makes me rage, because it’s actually another form of bigotry that people are praising. Don’t erase a whole group of people for your own personal gain.

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