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This stuff just disgusts me. 

To the point I went passed my anxiety and OCD to post a comment.

I just can not get past the level of selfish and disgusting to make an issue this serious about “them or us”, instead of just caring about the issue and taking care of both.

We learned to share in Kindergarten guys, this is the basics. Especially on serious issues. What is wrong with these people. 

And the sad thing is, as a feminist, I feel like I have to speak on it, I have to say how wrong this is. 

Seriously, how entitled, selfish, bratty, and lacking in empathy to say “IT SHOULD BE ABOUT US NOT THEM” on an issue this serious? It effects both! And to manipulate and lie about facts for that, it’s absolutely disgusting. Like this is a level of selfish and appalling I can’t even describe. 

Really, you need to feel special so badly, you’d ignore a condition that kills for another group and tell them to be quiet about wanting to be recognized (along side the other group, not pushing them out of getting help) for your selfish shallow ego? Really? What is wrong with you?

I should say for the sake of fairness, the post directly under this was about how testicular cancer should matter more because testicles produce offspring, and breasts only produce milk, and (more or less) some garbage about how men matter more (also there’s vaginal cancers, so that’s kind of a minute point, sir), so for the sake of fairness both sides are garbage. This is not one sided garbage. 

So I really must repeat:

Really? What is wrong with you?

chibistarlyte asked:

Sending you four characters because reasons: Anise, Hubert, Genis, Judith


1. I like her, actually. In fact I remember her being the only character I really did like in Abyss. (Guy was OK, but I always felt iffy about him.) I didn’t get far enough in to really say though. 

I do however remember being sad that her class with the doll wasn’t a staying class and wasn’t in the Tales of the World games. (I would have loved that. I would have had a doll and called him fluffy.)

2. I remember liking how peppy but oddly smart she was. How she was competent but nice and likable. (Though, I don’t know, she might be evil, I didn’t beat the game.)

3. I can not recall, I’m sorry.

4. I’m a huge fan of classes with companions and of dolls, and I even have a world where people have dolls that can transform into bigger dolls and fight. I would love that type of power.

5. I don’t really have strong feelings for that character, Abyss just didn’t stand out to me. But I remember liking her more then the rest of the cast.

It did remind me that Tales of the World is poor representation of the other games though. In Tales of the World Kratos seems almost nice (fallacies andlies), and Lloyd seems too stick up his ass-ish (even if I did fangirl a tad), and Luke seemed likable. As did Senel, but I was at least smart enough to remember that Senel was garbage. Luke however, I liked him in Tales of the World, and I didn’t in Tales of Abyss (and I can like the spoiled bratty whiny types!).

Tales of the World you lied to me.

Although, I will say while Tales of Abyss didn’t stick with me much, I don’t see it as objectively bad as Tales of Legendia. (I only liked the smart ass character and that was just because everyone was so garbage they deserved it.)

6. I don’t have one. At all, I didn’t really get far enough in to get one, and I’m not so big on like Eros ships. If they work they work, if they don’t, they don’t, a good friendship is just as great. I find friendships more important anyways. (Though, romance is good, too.)


You did this to me because you knewYou knew this would do this to me.

1. I love him so much it hurts.

He may be my favorite character I’m attracted to, and that just, augh. I tried so hard not to. I tried so hard. But he’s a general, and he’s serious, but he’s got a good heart deep inside, and the way he screams when he’s concerned about people with such genuine concern and kindness, and he’s so competent and bad ass, and he’s even a little bit of a pervert but not too much of one (yes, shut up it’s a good trait). And he’s just, augh, Tales of why did you do this. Why do this to me.

It’s like someone took all the characters I was attracted to and mushed them into a ball and added a bunch of awesome on top of it, too. They also gave him literally all of my favorite weapons in one go, too, because why not. Literally, all of them. Confound it. 

It kills me, too, because when the game starts up he’s 10. And I knew him as a 10 year old. And then it’s like “OH LOOK WE FAST FORWARDED A BIT AND HE’S SUDDENLY HOT. WHO KNEW.”. Like you can’t do that to me game. It makes it so awkward. (Even worse he’s not even 18 until the final arc!) 

2. CAN I SAY EVERYTHING? IS EVERYTHING AN OPTION? Because everything really needs to be an option.If I had to say though, I think it’s how he’s not the cliche “smart guy who’s serious” archetype like he seems to be at first glance. I’ll get to that later, but I like how he genuinely does care behind his bluntness and new found somewhat sarcasm. (And let me tell you when he points that gun at his brother’s face, I admit, it was bad ass. Like who’s the favorite now? Still not Hubert because Hubert’s life sucks, that’s who!)

3. When Asbel is sneaking back in and you expect Hubert to just kick him out like he did before or capture him, but instead he just listens to him. He kicked the guy out of his own country and banished him and when he came back he actually let him speak his point.

I also really liked how in this war there was really no bad guy (except kinda Windor, because of their fucked up government system). I mean, was it dickish for Strahta to help over throw Windor’s good king? Of course it was. Was it beneficial to the people of Windor in the end? Of course it was. Strahta benefited them greatly, sure the one guy was evil, but the President of Strahta was against it, and did help out Windor after they got political control on the land. They could have just been like “We take over for Strahta!” but they didn’t, they found a mutually beneficial agreement, which gave more health and protection to the people of Lhant and Windor then ever before, they put so much effort into protecting them. And I like how Asbel had to face that and realize that things aren’t so black and white. And that just because he wanted to lead and love the people of his land, that didn’t mean that someone who took over couldn’t be better at it and have better resources, and be more competent, just because they took over didn’t mean they were inherently evil, no matter how much pain they caused to get there. And I like how in the group Hubert was the face of that. 

(Every Hubert moment is also an option.)

4. OK, so confession time.

Remember what I mentioned it above? About favorite weapons? Well my favorite weapons are dual blades, dual pistols, and dual bladed swords. 

And he has ALL OF THEM IN ONE WEAPON. Favorite! Favorite! I want to be able to wield that. I want that.

5. I point to everything above. Everything above.

6. Actually, no. I don’t exactly mind him with Pascal, but to be honest I never really shipped it either. And I like that they kind of left it in the air if they did or not. I don’t know, I don’t think they fit perfectly, but I’m not against it either.


Chibi you are a bad person and you should know this.

1. Genis, did you mean favorite Tales of Symphonia character (until Dawn of the New World at least)? 

I think you did.

I love him. Believe it or not I have as much love in my heart for him as Hubert but in like a “I want to sit down and have a conversation with this character” kind of way.

3. I don’t even know, if I had to say though, probably when he’s having a conversation with Emil at the end of Dawn of the New World and he mentions how he knows he’ll live longer then everyone else and he wants to be friends with Emil because he wants someone who won’t leave him too soon. Emil’s answer is the one time I wanted to punch him. Don’t lie to Genis, you shit. He’s so sad.  

He’s so smart, even if that means realizing the future for him won’t be happy. That makes me so sad.

4. I like his weapon a lot, I also like how it’s clever. I couldn’t figure out why his weapon was a Kendama until it was explained it was for practicing how to focus for casting magic. 

That is amazing writing, and I want to do that. And if all else fails wacking someone with a giant Kendama seems ridiculously fun. 

5. About the very beginning of the game, really. What happens to his friend is terrible and how loyal he is is amazing, add on some serious sarcasm but a super kind heart and you’ve got a character I am happy to love. (I have to say he’s definitely on my top 10 list of favorite characters, at least he’s up there.)

6. Presea and him are cool together, but I can’t say I ship them that much. You know, whatever. (I do have OTPs I swear! You’ve just got to ask the right things.)

Genis (and Mythos) to this day influence how I write characters. My favorite character of mine is greatly inspired by Genis and characters like him. And I will never not be thankful of that.


Skipping this because I didn’t play the game I’m sorry. (Tales of Vesperia, right?). I don’t have an Xbox.

Put a character in my ask box.


And I’ll answer these questions about them:

  1. Do you love/hate/don’t feel strongly about this character?
  2. What’s your favorite trait of this character?
  3. What’s your favorite moment/even involving this character?
  4. If you could have one power/attribute/etc. of this character, what would it be?
  5. When did you fall in love/hate with this character? I you don’t have any strong feelings toward them, why not?
  6. Who’s your OTP for this character?

I don’t like how that anon said “fuck you”, though. Mostly because I made it clear I was willing to discuss and talk about it, and for many people that would make them just decide against the anon’s point, and that would just hurt people.

If I didn’t care about the issue so much, and truly believe in Asexuality, and was more effected by such things, and was perhaps more immature on such matters (not to say I am mature), I may have just decided against them for it, or no longer cared to check. And if someone was truly against it, someone could have easily seen that as proof. 

That’s not good.

All that does is hurt the point, I hope they don’t use that method too much. (Also unfollowing someone before doing that is not smart, they could have easily been tracked. Not safe. I hope they don’t put themselves at risk.) 

I have officially somewhat decided that I believe in the Asexuals who don’t want sex or have no sex drive (and always did believe in them really), just that I’m a bit hesitant to trust people on that due to the constant lying, and some people with immature views on sexuality and no understanding of how it works. 

And that I’m doubtful quite as many people have it that do, and I’m doubtful of people I see claiming they have it doing it. Since the vast majority were lying.

I think that’s it, I’m just so used to people lying or not knowing how sexuality (and being sexually attracted to people) works, so I started to doubt it based on personal reasons. Basically, experience vs. logic. And I stand by logic on this, I just needed somebody to snap me out of it.

Also, I feel really bad for the Asexual community that it seems like it’s become a cool label to slap on for a bit “because you don’t like sex as much as others” which really undermines them. I feel bad I almost went back on that. (And I’m sorry the misunderstanding hurt people.)

I do stand by however, some of my views on it.  


Anonymous asked:

people who think that asexuality is just another label to be quirky and unique with are ruining it. there ARE legitimately people with an absence of sexual attraction to anyone at all, there ARE people that aren't interested in sex or are sex-repulsed. don't tell them that their identity is invalid just because you don't understand it, it's just like denying the legitimacy of any other sexual orientation.

I’m not trying to, but thank you, this was a much better response. I’d recommend reading my reply* (sorry I wrote this wrong because I was multitasking, my bad, that seemed cocky due to one slip up, haha.) to the other Anon (or possibly you)?

Biologically speaking, I don’t think there’s ANY reason asexuality can’t exist to be clear, and I’m not saying it doesn’t. To be more specific I was doubting it in most people I knew and most people who claim it, but I was stressed and I worded that poorly. 

I do find that a lot of ways people DEFINE it isn’t real. Can you tell me your views on Asexuality? I’d genuinely like to know.

I’d really like someone to prove to me otherwise and that Asexuality is very much so real, I think liars and people who don’t understand things have just thrown me off. 

And I understand Asexuality, haha (I mean I get the biology on it, and frankly, agree on it, makes sense.). I just don’t agree that people who partake in porn and the like are Asexual. The ones that claim “I have a sex drive and I’m interested in sex” are the ones I don’t believe in or believe are Asexual, and that was what was making me doubt it.

The post was intended more as a venting questioning post then an outright rejection and/or denial.

I’m sorry if it seemed that way. Can you define how you view it to me? I’m genuinely not denying it entirely, just denying how some people I know view it.

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