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The Autistic Fallacy (Or please stop.)

So, let’s talk about what’s on the tumblr radar.

Because it’s actually bigoted, and no, I’m not reblogging it. I’m not giving it anymore attention then it has already gotten.

"The new DSM-5: changes in the diagnosis of autism and intellectual disability."

Autism, is not, nor has it ever been, “intellectual disability” it is NOT mental retardation. Sure, some have both. But it isn’t defined by that.

The only thing that causes Autism in high functioning Autistics is an over active brain. (The brain is literally more active.) In lower functioning some of the cords don’t connect properly. (But even then, we’ve actually found many of them are smart, they just can’t emote it, or show it outside of certain devices.) 

Assuming Autism means lower intellectual capabilities or is the same as Mental Retardation causes a ton of problems in the Autism community. In fact, it’s one of the biggest misconceptions to do with us. So, thanks for hyperboling that one up.

In fact, many great minds were believed to have Autism (including some of the most influential people in the world), and many great minds today do. Autistics range on intelligence as much as anyone else does, but people are so focused on the negatives they entirely ignore that (or they don’t pay attention to smarter Autistics, and don’t listen to our opinions or what we have to say. (Something I’ve run into a lot.)).

Here’s a top 10 list of great Autistic minds. (One of which is considered to be one of the smartest people alive right now, if not one of the smartest to ever exist.) 

"Autism is many diseases."

What. No, no, it’s not even one disease. Autism is not a disease, it’s a disorder. And it wouldn’t even be close to the end of the world if people didn’t treat us like freaks in a cage. I’m not upset with my Autism. I’m upset with the bigotry and poor treatment it’s given me (and you can not tell me having my opinions erased, my efforts erased, and being stuck in an abusive situation due to it is not “bigotry”. Not having the right to live my life, not on my own behavior, but false assumptions based on a disorder I have isn’t bigotry. And you certainly can’t tell me abusers and murderers of Autistics being defended based purely on their child’s Autism isn’t bigotry either.). 

"Can a child with autism recover?"

They did, indeed, ask this. And they said yes (sort of). No, a child with Autism can’t recover, do you know anything about Autism, at all? What appalls me about this is they call a person with Autism working hard to be seen as normal and ultimately fitting in as “recovering”, which just takes all the hard work away from the person. They still have Autism, they just can cope and be perfectly fine with this. And what appalls me, again, is the reason they have to say “recover” is because if they didn’t they’d have to address Autism is not the monster they say it is. It’s not as all consuming as they say it is. It makes people, like me, who seem normal, seem like we don’t have a voice anymore because we made an effort. We aren’t normal passing Autistics, we’re cured! This allows them to continue to do what they’ve done, speak over us, and silence us, and hurt us, all under the false guise of helping, while taking our efforts, and our opinions, away from us. My brain is still going faster then most, I still freak out if I’m off balance, I still can’t ride a bike, and things still smell more, taste more, and feel more powerful to me. I just don’t freak out when I deal with it as much. I’m still Autistic, I’m not “cured”, and I don’t need to be.

"Is there an epidemic of autism?"

I’m just going to post what their blog link says here.

Autism was first described in 1943 and since then, the understanding of this disease entity by the scientific community has greatly changed. In 2012, autism is now considered a behaviorally-defined neurodevelopmental disorder arising well before birth, characterized by a marked clinical and etiological heterogeneity.”

Hate. Haaaaaaaaate.

OK, right so, use of the word disease, again. Despite the fact they state right there it’s outdated, and again, the use of the intelligence thing, despite, again, stating right there it’s outdated. Perfect. 

It’s not an “epidemic”. There’s such an effort of spreading fear of this “HORRIBLE DISEASE” what it is is being erased and the people who have it are being treated like freaks locked in a cage. 

Yes, eventually it is highly likely everyone will have Autism. It’s pretty much unavoidable. 1 and 68 people have it. And it develops in family lines over time. Adding on to that, Autistics have Autistic children, and there are many non-prescribed Autistics out there, many of which have had kids. So much so many scientists actually theorize it’s a form of human evolution. And frankly? Yeah, that’d make sense. We may be more sensitive to sound, smell, touch and taste, but I’ve smelled out a lit cigarette in a paper bag in a restaurant once that was burning. I can analyze things quite a bit quicker then the average person. And I’m not alone on this. In fact, some of the greatest minds and greatest inventors were believed to have Autism. 

Another great misunderstanding about Autistics is that they don’t understand things. Yet, this has been proven again, and again, to not be true. 

In fact, Autistics are stated to often remember things more so, and even more so minute details. And some are more perceptive then allistics. Some will notice people are upset or something bad is about to happen before allistics do.

I, myself, am very good at perceiving something is going to happen before it does based on people’s behavior. It’s something I’m very good at. In fact, I tend to notice it more then others. Another thing is, I can get a lot out of a person’s character by just speaking to them a few times, and I can often predict things about them that they’ll do later and 90% of the time, it’s right. (To the point a friend of mine has called me a witch.) I’ve shocked (and upset) a lot of my friends by predicting someone was an asshole or was a certain way and them saying “that’s judgemental” and then them behaving exactly how I said they would. (To the point a lot of my friends just believe me on it, now.) I’m not saying this to brag or be arrogant. I’m saying this because honestly? I think a huge part of it is my Autism. I take things in far more efficiently then I would without it, and I’m able to piece together similarities in behavior almost simultaneously, over everyone I’ve ever known, while still looking at the individual’s own traits.

The issue, we’ve found, with Autistics like this, is they don’t show it. They don’t react properly. 

Autism is not difficulty -taking things in-. It’s difficulty showing you’ve taken them in. Yes, some Autistics do lack empathy, but many scientists now theorize many don’t. They just don’t show it properly. 

I won’t look at you when I’m listening to you. But in doing so, I’m saying I care because I’m taking you and what you’re saying in twice as efficiently as an allistic might. And Autistics can learn to properly show their empathy. But most aren’t even being addressed the issue is they’re not showing it properly. And that’s where the misunderstanding is happening.

Now, I’m not saying the evolution theory is right. But it wouldn’t be too far from logical. It’s not some magical answer, it’s merely science. 

Some Autistics are a bit like computers (some of us), with higher understanding of things, not lesser, just an inability to properly show it. But that can be worked on, and has been by many. Undermining that helps no one.

Another thing, I’d like to say is most Autistics think differently. Our brains are twice as active and how our brains choose to react to that ranges from Autistic to Autistic. 

Even down to how our brain takes in information. Some Autistics can only see in images, some only in words, others in sounds, others in shapes. The common misunderstanding is that we all see the world the same. 

We do not. 

I know Autistics that can’t see images, others that can’t see words, and others that can’t see in sounds.

Another thing is is those big categories are also broken down into many other ways we see. For instance, I see in images, but I don’t see a whole image. I see a bunch of broken up pieces come together to make an image, and my brain focuses on each of those individual pieces first (which is why I like imperfections so much (something seen in my art)) and then puts it together into one big image.

The best way I can explain it is imagine a Van Gogh painting being broken up into each brush stroke (or the pieces you can clearly see) and analyzing each of those individually and putting them back together into one big image. (I don’t look in to out like most people do, I look out to in, which is actually the opposite of how most Allistic brains work.) However, I’ve known very few other Autistics who see this way (this is why my brain is super analytical and I’m obsessed with even minute details and especially my like of imperfections) , and each one I’ve seen has a different way of seeing and viewing the world.  

By clumping us all together you make it very stressful on us. And you take the amazing feat of how our brains coped with it away from us.

That’s one of the interesting things about Autism, is that the cause has hundreds if not thousands of ways it can cope with it and that’s why Autism is so different from Autistic to Autistic. You can not stick two Autistics together and expect them to understand or get each other. Sometimes, if not most often, we can even relate to Allistics more.

And stuff like this does nothing but hurt that and undermine that. Autism is fascinating, and it’s not a monster, nor are the people with it. It’s fascinating to learn about and understand, and for me, who likes little details, it’s like a never ending puzzle, but unfortunately, the puzzle piece imagery has been taken to mean “a lost piece that should fit into but doesn’t right now” and that’s a shame. (And Autism Speaks made it, which is terrible.)

Some Autistics do act out, some are really smart, some are really talented (mostly out of effort mind you), and others are really stupid or just aren’t. But that has to do with the person, not the disorder, clumping us together does nothing but hurt us. (And I’m sorry if any of this seemed like bragging, it wasn’t what I was going for.)

Autism is no monster, and more then any other disorder, it has the habit of giving as much if not more, then it takes. Unfortunately, the way people treat us is above and beyond what’s needed to make up for the taking part.

Also, just a little thing.

"From art to autism: a Q&A with Uta Frith."

I can’t stand when people say Autistics are inherently good at art, and try to take our efforts from us. I’ve heard that a lot.

Yes, some Autistics are good at art, and some are great at writing amazing stories, the reason for this isn’t inherently the Autism itself. Sure, having an over active (and sometimes more perceptive and understanding) mind helps. But we work just as hard as anyone else (and there’s a lot of Autistics who don’t and are terrible at it and it shows). The reason many of us migrate to it, is it’s an escape or a way to vent. For me personally, it was a way to make people understand my way of thinking and my worlds without words (something I once had issue with). For others, it’s an escape from the stress of the world, looking inwards (I admit I understand this, too.). But when the world truly makes me feel awful, and I’m so stressed out, I draw to cope or I go back to that world that doesn’t treat me different for my disorder (often for things based purely on false assumptions of the disorder itself, not things I’m doing). So many Autistics go to these places because the world rejects them, and because it allows them to express themselves. It’s not an inherent talent (I worked hard for my art, I learned the basics of anatomy, I researched and paid attention to characters and behaviors of people), there’s a lot of effort put in just like everyone else, but instead in the escape of running from a world that rejects you, or coping with it, or just trying to express yourself. I express myself through my art, something I do because of my bipolar, my depression, and Autism.

Stop trying to take that away from us. 

And what’s currently on the tumblr radar is fallacious hyperbole, and it’s actually genuinely triggering. (I had to get up to cry (to try to ward off flashbacks) as my friends on skype know.) It’s for people who don’t want to understand the disorder or people with it, but want to pretend they do and parade around like they do and get the kudos points for it. Or to further the agenda of it being an epidemic and a monster and take our achievements from us and alienate us further all while talking over us and pretending to be helping. And that’s disgusting and gross.

What I hate about Autistic Awareness Day is it isn’t about the Autistics, it’s not for us.

It’s for talking about how “awful our disease is” (it’s not a disease, it’s a disorder, if you’re going to discuss it at least know THAT MUCH) and “how much it hurts the parents” and most of all alienating us further and promoting the people and attitudes that do, all under the guise of help.

Oh, good. Autism Awareness day.

The day about the parents, the people who “so totally want to take care of Autistics”, and the pity party (who always talk over Autistics). And the day for the people who don’t understand Autistics and mock it daily. Oh, and Autism speaks.

But certainly not the day for the Autistics. Good. Perfect. Thanks. 

Alright, so I feel I need to make a warning (or rather explain this).

Normally, my blog is me talking about serious issues (that are abundantly around tumblr), defending people I think need to be defended, etc. 

But currently, frankly, I’m really down and a lot has been going on in my life to make me this way. As such, I won’t be posting as much of that stuff right now (I apologize). I need to kind of unwind.

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Villains with tragic backstories



But what if their reason for murder is because of self preservation? At what point is it self defense? I mean, let’s say they were mentally and physically torturing him in a machine, or in a room and he was killing people outside as a ways to get out. And what if he was locked in that room/facility so long (for his entire young life), that he truly believed the world was that awful and would do everything to kill him (and that no one could be trusted)? And then the one guy who was ever remotely kind to him was shot while saving him, and his final wish was for the monster (guy in the room) to survive? And even then when he went to a new planet he tried to be nice to the people but they tried to kill him for his looks and wouldn’t let him speak which made him think that no one would ever just let him live and it was a him or them situation, and the only person who was ever nice to him’s last wish was for him to survive so he wanted to keep the promise? I mean, what then! Isn’t he more just confused and scared? 

Or he was attached to a machine that made his powers overflow against his will and he hurt and killed people? 

What if he killed most of a town/large city and corrupted an innocent man with an item to make him go insane, but he did it to kill a deity who wanted to destroy the world and everyone in it (and only he knew, and it was the best bet to stop this deity)? Is it justifiable then? 

Of course, I think….two of those are anti-heroes. But my baby doesn’t deserve death, he deserves hugs. He’s a good guy, deep down, in that horrifying parasitic shell of murder.


this is an issue i never really wanted to bring up on this blog, mostly because of its lack of relevance, but i’ve seen a lot of talk about it and as someone with experience on the other side i really want to say something.

a lot of people group the wide hatred of bronies with the other things…

I could not possible agree more.

I watched a lot of the drama that was going on. I payed attention to it, and it’s really not about them being adult guys.

I have male friends who like Sailor Moon far more then I ever could, in fact I have male friends who tell me about what’s going on the show. I support this, similarly, I know guys who like shows for little girls, equally fine. But I will always say bronies have a lot of issues, and they are not the victims they make themselves out to be.

At all. They behave exactly like radfems do. They attack and berate and judge people based on their gender, sexual orientation, etc., and just flat out lash out at people and send hundreds upon hundreds of death and rape threats (and as mentioned even mock abuse victims saying they deserve it). They do this on average. And when they’re called out on it they scream they’re being attacked or criticized for being men who like a cartoon show for little kids. Which is normally not the case. Sure, some radfems do now, sure some people do, but the vast majority have a ton of valid complaints. They have done some awful things (as a majority thing not a few exceptions). And these aren’t a few bad seeds, I have male friends who like MLP who refuse to be associated with bronies for this very reason (and I support them liking MLP). And I’m going to repeat this, they act just like radfems, screaming at people, throwing around death threats and rape threats and saying people deserved to be abused or abused more, and then using some excuse when criticized to make the people criticizing them look like the bad guys (saying they just dislike them because they like a show for little girls or in the case of radfems saying people are criticizing them because they’re misogynists (without that being true for both).). And all this proves to me is how some anti-SJs have become so jaded they just assume these people must be victims since they’re men, and they don’t check what’s really going on, because it sounds so similar to real issues they have seen, which is the same things SJWs do. And they fail to fact check, and they become exactly like the SJWs they criticize, and promote an awful group of people running from legitimate criticism (and thus defend them and let them get away with it). And I say this as a supporter of many anti-SJ people. Guys, we have to fact check, and we can’t promote an awful group of people just because they seem like a group of people we usually support. These aren’t victims being judged for what they like (usually) these are people being criticized for some pretty awful acts.

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