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regressingphoenix asked:

I thoroughly appreciate your opinions on things. You're quite intellectual and the things you say force me to think and analyze everything around me. I have yet to see something not articulate that you have commented on. I think that's awesome! Followed. :D

Goodness well thank you. I’m getting a few compliments on this now it seems and all I ever think first is “I’m just some 21 year old but I’m glad it reaches you.” Which either says I’m humble (highly doubtful) or really negative. (Sure probably more likely.) But let’s see if I can’t say something more relevant. Also I just state my beliefs (to a fault).

Actually I’m rather honored you’re following me as I went through your blog a bit ago because I found you in a post and rather liked the stuff you reblogged and wrote.

Also if you like Pokemon this is a good place to stop by. Rather fond of it. In a “I know way too many facts” way.

Also I draw it a lot. 

I can’t promise everything I reblog will be quality but I’m really happy what you found got you thinking. I’m rather honored.

About being articulate I certainly try but even when I re-read like crazy I miss things. I feel bad for those and don’t hesitate to point them out.

But I come from a family of English majors (or at least those very serious about it (and fascinated by it). My direct parents at least. Though I’ve kind of taken it to a whole new level). So you know how that goes. Or maybe you don’t. Either way I really like the English language it’s so fun to learn. And to compare it to other languages and their structures. I nearly squealed when I heard I was going to learn about the Latin roots. (Is that bad? That’s bad isn’t it?) Also learning where the words originated from other languages as well. The English language is like such a glorious gateway drug it really is. (That’s an awful thing to compare it to. I’m such a nerd.)

I’m a rather huge fan of the English language as a whole and see it as a basic skill people really should learn to utilize better. It’s how we communicate after all and it is complex and it’s best not to have something important (or in general) lost in translation. (With the obvious exception of it being a second language.)

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